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Photography is about finding a unique angle

I noticed today how much black and white photography I have chosen since I started tithes blog. I guess it goes back to a fundamental rule of photography where it is about looking at the world in a different world. For example, when taking a picture of a flower do not take a photograph from your normal standing position. If you do you will find that the picture looks very ordinary and doesn’t look interesting at all.

Instead, lie down on the floor, or crouch or find a high flower, and take the picture looking upwards. You will find that you suddenly have a photograph that is compelling and interesting because you are showing a view people do not see very often, if at all. There is obviously many techniques and settings you need to learn in photography to create great pictures but looking at the world from a different angle is the best place to start.

I also really like the quote today as it looks at a saying I know in a different way. I have always heard the saying don’t burn your bridges as a way of saying not to ruin a relationship as you never know when you may need something or someone. But the way the quote is used, here below, is very inspiring, “May the bridges you burn today light the way.” certainly made me think. Have a creative day.

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