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Remember The Compliments You Receive. Forget The Insults.

Our world is filled with an incredible variety that truly make us, as human beings, incredibly special. You can ask a room full of people one single question and each of them could say a completely different answer, depending on the topic. This is the world we live in and something that should make us very proud. It is our individuality that makes the world such an interesting place. But with this wonderful individuality comes a side of our species that tends to be on the dark side.

From bullying in schools to politics on the global ecosystem, difference of opinions can be hurtful, vindictive and at times lead to death and destruction. What we see in our playgrounds today is nothing short of pure scandal that bullies still go unchecked and children resort to hiding or worse in some cases. This week a young girl, Amanda Todd, took her own life due to bullying and I find it unacceptable that this is still happening in our times. We are supposed to be moving forward to a more enlightened time, yet still greed, prejudice and corruption at all levels of our society and people who only seem to get pleasure in hurting another human being. This has to stop, or rather we need to start doing something that help these children. If we cannot protect our children our civilization really has no hope for the future.

A child should be able to make a mistake without persecution. We are all human and we all make mistakes, we all say the wrong thing and we all face the darkest of times. But at what point will we have enough facilities I place so that children can go to someone for help. Do we need to set up websites that offer guidance for children ourselves? Do we have to wait to see more of our children crushed by mindless fools who have nothing better to do that attack people? When will it end?

As a parent the entire system needs some serious rethink and for any kids that may be reading this understand that I was once bullied at school. It was not to the extent that some people face but as a kid it is traumatizing. Understand that there are people in this world that are willing to listen to your problems, other help if they can and start putting back the values that really should be the defining ones of our civilization, care, compassion, honesty and generosity. Learn to focus on everything that is in good in you, because no matter what you think or allow others to make you think, you are an incredible human being with the real potential to achieve anything. Just reach out, there are people who care enough to respond.

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