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Self Improvement Doesn’t Come From Inside A Book, It Comes From Within You.

Some of the greatest people of our time have been college or school dropouts, people who the system declared that they would not amount to anything. People like Dr John Demartini, the famed global motivational speaker who appeared on the hit movie The Secret, who when faced with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties left school and became a surfer in Hawaii. Fate changed Dr John Demartini’s life though when he decided that he would change his life and learn to read. It wasn’t easy but then anything worth achieving in life rarely is.

Self-help books are remarkable sources of guidance and help for millions of people around the world every day. Every single one of them gives important tips and motivation to change their lies. But the thing is if you as an individual are not truly prepared to change your life, you will be very disappointed with the outcome of anything you read. Because when an individual decides to do something there is nothing in this universe that can stop them.

An individual with the courage, determination and belief that they can change something, no matter how big or small, is an unstoppable force and one that will, once you start gaining momentum, journey to places or experiences that you couldn’t have dreamed possible before. Our problems come from the walls we build up around us that justify why we are not worthy of achieving our dreams. We often think we are not smart enough, not rich enough or any other excuse that keeps us where we are. We even blame other people or powers for us not being able to change when the only thing stopping you; is you. So if that is the case, what is stopping you?

You are too smart to be the only thing that is standing between you and your dreams. Take that first small step in that journey towards being happy. Be grateful for what you have now and know that within you is a power that is so intense, so creative and so immense that once unleashed; will open up doors to a better life. Your road ahead is either paved with walls you put up or with dreams waiting for you to realize, only you can decide which it will be.

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