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Some changes are just harder to accept than others

We all know change will come, we all know change happens with or without our consent, so we just need to accept it. You cannot fight change, a look back through history will tell you that. You do not even need to look that far back with what is happening in the Middle east. The only thing constant in our lives is change but it unsettles and shakes our confidence sometimes. I’m not talking about the small things as they tend to give you a little wave that they are coming. So why do we resist change even if there is a good chance that the change will be good for us? Sometimes there are so many things pointing to you making a change that really it makes sense yet you still resist and fight it, why?

It is human nature to keep growing as you move forward, but has society conditioned us so much with fear that we are scared of what might happen? Has the worlds influencers got us so afraid that we may step back a single step in our lives even though it could, in the long run, be the best thing you do? I have seen this in my industry where people in advertising have worked for years in traditional advertising creating an impressive portfolio and list of clients only to find, at the time when they should be taking the biggest jobs, that the industry has moved and they are out of a job. I often wonder what led me to explore the digital world all the way through my career, experiment with programming, design website, speak at conferences around the world on social media without any real plan other than it was something that interested me.

It was not a conscious decision, although our industry like most others is always evolving as technology changes our world, but one that just seemed to be put in my path at a moment in my life where I did not over think the change taking place. Which leads me to a conclusion about myself; when I think to much about the change taking place my instinct is to resist, but why? Okay some changes in my life have not been pleasant but one thing I do know out of every single change I have faced throughout my life, I learned and became a stronger person for it. So in that case any future change ‘should’ be greeted with acceptance rather than resistance. I guess we will have to see!

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