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Some passengers are not allowed on our trip to Australia

My daughter, who is 6, is probably the comedian of my two children. My son, who is 8, loves a joke but is a bit more serious and sensitive. Not sure where he gets that from! But my daughter is always trying to play ‘tricks’ as she calls them, and is often clowning around in one way or another. The other day we received a letter from the school talking about a break out of head lice. Not a very nice subject, but it did bring back memories of the school nurse when I was a kid and the physical abuse she used to give us as she rummaged through our scalps. I always recalled how she was almost disappointed if she came up empty. So with this news, I told my daughter that we would need to check on a daily basis to make sure she was clear.

Fortunately it’s been all clear. But this morning as she was leaving for school I told her that tonight I will check her to make sure. She didn’t look very happy and I understand why. For a child five minutes seems like an eternity, so I tried to give her an explanation that I thought would let her understand, a bit. We are going to Australia next month to see my parents, brother and family who moved their over four years ago. So, in my ultimate wisdom, thought it would be a good reason for the check. So I said, “I need to check as we can’t take any lice with us to Australia, can we?” She turned towards me and I could see something obviously rattling around her little mind until a light went on inside and she replied, with a straight face and complete sincerity, “Why? Because you didn’t buy them a ticket?” To which I had no answer! Have a creative day.

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