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Take me on a journey with you

For me a great piece of creative work, be it advertising or a painting, photography or illustration, asks the viewer questions or takes them on a journey. With the millions of messages we are bombarded with daily it takes a true piece of clever thinking or talent to stand out in the crowd. But above all else it takes an idea. An idea is like an atom, it starts small but contains enough power to explode around the world if harnessed and managed correctly. It is ideas that we fall in love with. When we feel passionately about a brand it is because of the idea that surrounds it and what that means to me as an individual. An idea can lift an entire group of people to do amazing things by communicating to each individual.

I like the photograph below of bride and grooms legs. The image itself is a little unusual being of just the lower half of the couple. But its the questions that suddenly start buzzing around your head is what makes this such a wonderful image. Who are they? Where are they from? Where are they going? Are they happy or sad? Is it the beginning or the end? That to me is where the idea of the photographer to shoot it this way shows the true power of their idea, it gets you, the viewer involved. Have a creative day.

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