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Take the time to stop just for you

If we were to stop what we are doing today and just look around at the world we live, see the beauty in our galaxy and the wonders of our universe; everything that we have going on today, the problems or deadlines, would just pale in comparison. I know how much our daily activities take over our lives and we find ourselves chasing our own tails rather than being in control of our journey. We are often reminded by a great tragedy or maybe just sitting with a child and listening to the way they see it, just brings back into focus what an incredible life we live.

The miracle of us just being on this little rock floating around in space amazes me to no end. How fragile life really is and how much we worry about, what in reality, is such trivial things. Probably 5 minutes after writing this someone will enter my office and my day will begin it’s usual roller coaster ride through the world of advertising. But everyday before that happens I sit drinking my coffee and look out the window and just wonder, ‘If for 5 minutes a day people would just think about the world we live in, maybe, just maybe the appreciation would spread into every aspect of our world.’

That quite moment can sometime be very profound. Sometimes you find yourself doing it without planning it but that breath you take just after that moment is so pure, so incredible it fills you with such a sense of optimism that it truly wipes away all the negativity in your life, even for just a moment. I hope you have more than 5 minutes of this today, I hope your entire life is filled with this, but if not, at least take 5 minutes to have all to yourself, after all you do, you deserve it.

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