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Taking a step in the right direction

In life we often contemplate where we are going. We question the final destination, the if’s and maybe’s that are life’s unanswerable questions. And what is most disconcerting is the fact we have no control of when or what will happen after the journey comes to an end. With this in mind it can paralyze a person with fear and doubt about everything they do. Unless we face facts that somethings in are life are out of control we remain like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, frozen with fear about every step we make. We must dig deep and summon the courage that will take each single step we make at a time, always forward, without looking back or worrying about the next one. Just simple focus on each solid step we make.

When broken down into small steps even a mountain climb seems possible. In fact, anything is possible when we break down the process into small targets to reach. Take writing a book for example. The entire book is a daunting task to even the most accomplished writers. But break the book down into chapters. Then break down each chapter down into sections and very soon the book is no longer the unsurmountable problem you believed it to be. So look ahead of you now in the journey of your life and focus on the next step. One at a time stride forward with confidence as the journey of your life is yours to make as you want, no matter what the ending will be. We must realize that everything comes to end and as the great quote, I believe from Braveheart(?) says,”Every man dies, but not every man live!”


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