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The ad that made me chuckle

I will be posting many ads that catch my eyes as the days go by but I thought I would start with something that made me chuckle. In my line of work I spend most of my time reviewing ideas and concepts from creatives in the agency. Some are wonderful, some a little strange and some are just awful. But this is all just part of the great process involved in creating anything artist or conceptual.

Also in my line of work you get exposed to work from all over the world. Whether it is judging award shows, reading industry blogs or just opening up your email on a Monday morning. This campaign came via email and I have to admit it made me chuckle the minute I opened it. It’s a simple idea that offers a nice, if not a little dark, benefit through humor.

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Each Ad says “Flowers would have been a better idea.” and you have either the old lady dying of heart attack or two sky writers crashing into each other. These charming ads were created for

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