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The Art Of Getting The Most Out Of Life Is Trying

When we are born we are as fresh as an artist’s canvas, block of artists clay or a piece of granite awaiting the sculptures first touches that shape whoever we are. Every experience that we face, be it good or bad, takes away some of the material to reveal an individual underneath. If we take the granite analogy and life is the artist who will sculpt us in the way destiny decides then it helps us understand life’s journey. We must understand that life will chip away at our soul every single day, but it is up to us to decide how we want to life to shape us.

We often worry or fear certain situations in our lives. We fear the unknown or we fear failure without giving ourselves the chance to try. What we do not understand is that whether you do or you do not try, life will chip away at your surface. If you do not attempt something then the chip is likely to be painful, ugly and without any care. It just gauges out a chunk of our confidence, pulls at our spirit and does little to create any kind of character.

However, if we try and fail, the chip that is removed has some meaning, it is an experience that we learn from and therefore it helps shape our character, personality and makes the next step in life that little more assured as we have learned from the experience. If the experience is a good one then it will prove to you that you are capable of doing anything you desire. Either way, by just trying, the shape we take is much more beautiful and meaningful than if we don’t try at all.

So think of yourself as a piece of clay or granite or even a canvas that is having a dab of paint added every day. Some may be beautiful bright colors and others may be dark shadows. But we all know the importance in any piece of art that it is contrast and variety that makes any art worth viewing or getting to know. It is always the piece of art that tells the most stories, or has the strongest voice that jumps out in a gallery. So your opportunity every day is to try everything you want, can or would like to do, because no matter what the outcome; the art of getting the most out of life is trying.

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