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The biggest challenges define us

“It is often the times in our lives where we face the biggest challenges that we look back and realize how it defined who we are today.”

How many times in life have you faced an obstacle in your life that seemed to stop you in your tracks and leave you searching desperately for an escape? Be it a personal tragedy, trouble at work or just that feeling you are standing still in your life whilst everyone else moves past you. But then, when you look back at a later date you realize that in those dark and difficult times you grew and discovered so much more about yourself than at any other time.

As you grow older you realize nothing is permanent, both good and bad, as well as nothing is ever as good or bad, as it seems in that split second we are living the moment. You begin to look at problems in the way they should be looked at, as a challenge where you can grow. Every challenge we face in life is different and teaches you things about who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. So the next time a difficult moment appears on your path understand that it is actually an opportunity to grow. It makes the world a much more interesting place to live and fear of problems just dissolves. Have a creative day.

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