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The campaign for real beauty

Take a look behind the lens of the fashion industry and see what defines real beauty. Take a look at the misconception our children are being forced to live up to, a reality that doesn’t exist. Pressure that is heaped upon young girls, and boys, to live up to impossible proportions when the truth of the matter is that no one looks like that anyway.

Not even the top models or the movie stars, but with every page turn of a fashion magazine comes the abuse and insults that you do not live up to a a standard that doesn’t exist. Understand that most of the writers, photographers and computer wizards who create these images bare no resemblance to the image they portray.

Understand there is not thing as perfect, you are perfect the way you are. There is no need for diets, unless for health reasons, or cosmetic surgery purely to fulfill a level vanity that our world seems intent on pursuing. I love this campaign from Dove because it celebrates real people. It’s name, the campaign for real beauty. This video says it all…..

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