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The day I met my beautiful wife

I sat on a chair contemplating where my life was going. I stared down into the glass in my hand. I felt like I was looking at a pool of water and I was the diver perched on the edge of a diving board waiting to leap. I had searched hard for love and came up empty handed, time and again. I had reached a stage in life where I would no longer chase the fantasy I had created in my mind. So my mind was clear, the fog was lifted and I felt confident that a new adventure was coming, a surge of clarity racing over every inch of my consciousness.

I seemed to draw away from the dark bottomless glass and suddenly re-emerge into the room I was sat in. As I looked up the memory of what I saw was burned into my very being. What I saw was a light, a halo that surrounded an angel and time had no meaning. I was lost in a dream that I didn’t wish to wake. As I gazed upon this person sat across from me, a voice spoke to me with a clarity and purpose I had never heard or felt before.

This, the voice said, is the girl you will marry and have children with. I had stopped looking for something and here it was coming to me. A moment that is as clear to me know as it was twelve years ago. The day I met my beautiful wife. Have a creative day.

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