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The future is not what is used to be

Things change. people change. The world changes. It’s a fact of life and something we cannot, ironically, change. I have on occasion found myself ploughing on deliberately, trying to keep the status quo within my life as stable as possible. But over the years you realize that no matter what you prepare, no matter what you do things around you are going to change and there is nothing you can do about it. Fight it? Fight what? How can you fight something you cannot see? You begin to understand that in reality all you can do is prepare yourself for changes that will happen and just make the most out of that change when it comes.

recently something major changed in my life and for the first time I did’t sit and mope about the world being unfair or why me? I have tried to do this on many occasions before, but in truth, I fell into the same cycle of self pity, denial and then after wasting god knows how much time I finally realize that I just have to get on with it. Yes, quite the state of mind! But I am used to that as it is the same thing with my work.

Any creative ion advertising, no matter what level and no matter how many years of experience will go through the same cycle when receiving a new brief for a client; Panic, Assurance that everyone will know you are a fraud, ridiculously cliche and bad ideas before you clear the fog and a few days before you are supposed to present the information as finally worked its way through the minefield of insecurity and you start thinking straight!

So this time when things changed in my life I sat and looked at what was in front of me and decided that this time I would evaluate the facts and make the most out of what was left. I dare say this will only be a one off and next time I will slip into my normal cycle, but this time I am embracing the change and trying to make the most out of it. Hence the new look for the blog!

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