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The iPad, external materials bring it to life!

I came across these Ipad animations this morning and they just captivated me. I have watched them a few times now and think they are extremely clever whilst being based on an early visual trick in cinematography. I had a conversation with a events company yesterday, that were asking me to be a guest speaker at a social media conference they are arranging, and we discussed where things like social media would go in the future.

Like technology, like these animations on the ipad, social media’s destiny is in the hands of the users, basically the end consumers. It is up to us how we grow, change and use the technology or opportunity in front of us. I am sure that in the design halls of apple this was not an intended final use for their product. The same way SMS was never expected to be a feasible and functional technology for consumers to embrace the way they have. Creating or inventing something is merely like launching a boat into the ocean. Inevitably it comes down to where the people take it as well.

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