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The more you know the less you know


This is a quote by Socrates. Who am I to argue with such a beautiful insight. The need and desire to continually learn is something I am very passionate about. Maybe, I realize now, that I didn’t study as hard as I should have at school, maybe chose the wrong subjects and maybe, just maybe, I gave up on a dream of becoming a vet too soon. Yes, I did actually want to be a vet! One of the biggest problems I face today is not the desire to learn, but the fact I see so much that I want to learn that it all kind of cancels itself out.

But going back to the quote of Socrates, I love the sentiment as so many people I have met who know a little believe themselves to be something. Whereas others who are incredibly intelligent are humble and still seek more information about how the world works. I used to work with two people who come in to the second category. Rona Saadeh and Burr Gavin, both planners at DraftFCB. I would pick any subject and each of them would know books, chapter and quotes about that subject. It used to amaze me that no matter what subject we talked about they were not only very well informed, but you could see the passion in their eyes to find out just a little more information or some insight that you could offer. The best part of these two is that they are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Fortunately for me I am able to call them friends.

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