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The only thing we can predict, is that life will be unpredictable.

There are many moments in the journey we make where life takes a sharp turn for the surreal and we find ourselves standing in the shadows of uncertainty. These moments will one day be the days that define the person we are, when we are able to look back on them with clarity. For it is in these moments when we are scared, lost or unsure that our true character comes rushing to the surface.

Our initial response is always to retreat into that child like state and hope someone rescues us, this is just human nature. This action can be a split second or much longer, as it depends on who we are, the experience of facing such circumstances before and the situation we find ourselves currently in life. But the one thing be sure of is that life flows in cycles, not every high will last, and in the same way, nor will every low. Ride the low with as much faith as the highs, for there are lessons you will learn in both, but most likely it will be in the lows you learn more about you, life and the bigger picture. So accept both as part of life’s learning curve and you might surprise yourself along the way. Have a creative day.

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