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The Twitter Anthem

There are some people who visit Twitter,

Who are not nice, in fact they’re a little bitter,

So in order to avoid or block these tweeps,

I wrote this little poem for you to keep.

99% of people are considerate and kind,

Mostly the majority obeying the rules I find,

But like anything we seem to have in life,

1% just seem to cause you strife!

You know the ones I am talking about,

Twitter trolls who brood and pout,

Just looking for someone they can prey,

Annoying abuse they usually say,

Why they do it? Who really knows,

Maybe the lonely just need a show,

Perhaps its fun for their little minds,

Ruin the fun by wearing their blinds.

Then there are a stranger bunch,

Who all they do is the RT crunch,

This is a twitterer who does nothing else,

Only re-tweeting another soles verse.

Don’t get me wrong RT’ing is great,

But not when you do it from 8 – 8,

RT is you showing you liked something,

But also to the party your own words bring.

Then there is the pier de resistance,

The one that causes the most annoyance,

Not interested in you by any means,

For in their eyes all they see is green!

Not jealousy at all but money my friend,

And these people don’t follow any trend,

For after hello usually comes a Direct Message,

One that seems to be Twitters right of passage,

“You I can make a million dollars today!”

Usually you know their own bills they can’t pay,

So next time one of these in your inbox drops,

Just remember Twitter allows you to block!

But as I said at the beginning of this,

It’s only 1% that you really should miss,

For Twitter has something for one and all,

A home with family and friends you will call.

Just join the conversation with a smile,

Listen to others and stay a while,

Very soon you will feel a warm embrace,

By people who call Twitter their place.

This poem was part of a presentation that I gave at the global tour of “Cool Twitter Conferences” that happened in Dubai. Full of amazing people with interesting insights into the world of Twitter and social media. As one of many speakers I was fortunate to share some of the things that I do as the Poet of Twitter. To all the people that attended in Dubai, It was an honor to meet each and everyone of you. Thank you!

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