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The world through another’s eyes

We often walk through life and only occasionally stop to see the wonders that are in our world. I met a man a few years ago and was touched by his generosity of spirit and the creativity that was clearly abundant within him. His name is Ramy and we met through work. He was the client and I worked for an advertising agency. His passion for the arts was something that was evident from the first meeting, as well his his desire to have the best work we could produce. Clearly in front of me, was a man who saw the world as a canvas, but wasn’t ready to hold the brush himself.

Just over a year ago, he finally found his calling. With a camera in his hand, the light within Ramy shone brighter than any star in the night sky. I was not alone in telling him that his ability was something he should pursue. In fact every single person on his Facebook page was almost insisting he did more. Gladly, he headed the advice and to see how his photography has grown over the past year is something quite extraordinary, and I have worked with some amazing photographers all over the world. The thing that strikes me about Ramy’s photography is that he sees the most human aspect in our world, and captures it. To see the world through his eyes proves to me that it doesn’t matter where you are today, it only matters how you look ahead and how you act on achieving it. Congratulations Ramy, I couldn’t be happier for you.

This is a small sample of his work, Please check out the rest on:

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