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There are no encores in life

Do not stand in the shadows on the side of your stage. The spotlight that is your life is already waiting for you to step up and shine. All the answers to your fears are not in self books and quotes, but deep within you. You are the only person who can move yourself forward, you are the only person that can accept that ‘yes’ you may fail but by god I WILL TRY! You are the only person that’s knows the secrets of what you would like to try, if only once just to see what it was like and if you were able to do what you wanted. The spotlight is waiting. The spotlight is searching. Now is the time to step on stage and embrace all your ambition, passions and give it all you have got.

For in life there is no encore. There is no second showing where you can improve or try something different. It’s a one off show and you have one chance to do all you want. So take the hardest step of life and move into the light on stage, for once you are there the light will fill your heart with confidence. Once there try everything your heart desires, don’t leave any secret hidden and hold nothing back for when the final curtain closes you will have inspired everyone in your life that is the audience to your show. What kind of performance will they remember? The person that could? Or the person that did! Have a creative day.

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