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There are those that want and there are those that do

I meet many kinds of creative people in my line of work and you tend to see certain categories. You have the ‘ones that want to be creative’ – These tend to talk a lot but rarely do anything. Then you have “the triers” – these tend to so some work but often look at every project as though it will take forever and by the time they actually start, and realize it wouldn’t have taken that long if they had started earlier, and end up with an average product. This time of person suffers a great deal from procrastination, which is the death of anything creative.

Then we ‘the doers’ – these are my favorite types. They just do it! Sorry to quote nike but it’s true these kind of people just jump headfirst into every challenge. They understand that art or creativity is never perfect and you cannot please everyone all of the time. They produce the most work and are usually the most satisfied. This type rarely looks back on what they have done because they are so focused on the next project. And as any good creative will tell you the best job they ever did is the next one. Have a creative day.

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