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There is no mountain you cannot climb

Throughout life problems will surely stand in your path. Some will be expected life challenges that we must all face, pivotal coming of age moments that are natural. Then there are the challenges that we face alone, without warning, blocking your life without mercy or compassion. These moments could be health, financial or personal; but each can be as daunting as standing at the base of Mount Everest and the thought of even attempting the climb causes nausea and a sense of defeat.

But like any challenge, it is placed in our path for a reason. Not every challenge in our life we are meant to survive, defeat or win. Every challenge will show you more things about you than any person telling you. We discover that we are indeed capable of things we have shied away from believing we couldn’t do something. In our deepest, darkest moments we have often surprised ourselves that we have overcome things that initially looked to crush us, wiping us off the very face of the earth. But we survived.

Not only did we survive but we often found ourselves on top of the mountain looking down in wonder, did I really do that? I do not recall every step that I made but here I am. If you look down at the bottom of the mountain, back in time, you can see a scared and fragile human being staring at the colossus ahead ready to give up. But looking down, you realize that the entire mountain was not the real struggle, difficult yes, but not impossible. The hardest moment of the entire journey was not the rugged rocks, the scary winds or the lonely moments or darkened days; In fact the hardest point of all was that first step forward. The first step is always the hardest, but once you decide to move forward, once you decide not to stand and die at the foot of the mountain, you are already half way up the mountain.

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