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There’s no stopping the games industry now

The games industry has grown at an incredible rate over the last few years becoming a multi billion dollar industry. When I think about the change of the games industry that I have witnessed literally explode in front of my very eyes over the last 30 years I still get a little nostalgic for my Atari and Spectrum. I still remember playing those games but my imagination too me to places that the graphics couldn’t. Watching my children now play, and yes I do love to join in with them, I am fascinated by the graphics, gameplay and ideas currently being developed on all the major platforms.

But one thing just has me salivating and that is the art that you see today in the games industry. Simply incredible! For me it is the same with comic books like Marvel or DC. I have never been a comic fan per se but I just used to love looking at the drawings. I am sure that sounds a little like someone saying they only buy playboy for the articles but it’s true.

Anyway back to the games industry…One artist that has caught my eye is the wonderful Ignatio Bazan Lazcano for Argentina. One of the finest conceptual artist and illustrators in the games industry today. When you realize that the only thing stopping the growth of the games industry today is the people’s imagination that work within it, creating engrossing stories and visuals like Ignatio you have to understand that the industry has a very, very rosy future indeed. Take a look at his work, I love it and would love to hear your comments as well.

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