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There will be clouds ahead, but I will choose what kind.

The trials and tribulations we face have answers we sometimes do not wish to see. Words cut deeper than any object and truths can deliver a deathly blow to hope and dreams. But know clouds of anger and self defeat will not clear your spirits sky. For dark clouds feed off anger, envy and defeat. They fill and swell, hanging heavy over your shoulders, like the world weighing you down. Do not feed these clouds. Never allow the clouds to grow. Each drop of rain from these clouds cuts deeper than a daggers blade. As each rain drop washes away your colourful spirit. And leave behind a grey empty void. No one else can feed your clouds, as all those depressions come from within you. We may argue that external influences cause our pain. But know that no one can take away the spirit you are, but you. You can remove external influences, You can pass through the crowd of doubters and neigh sayers. Find a space in this world, where the only clouds you create, are ones where dreams flourish. And you feel the rays of sunshine illuminating your soul. Say goodbye to darkness, and walk with me in the light, today. Have a creative day.

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