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Time travel to the beat of your own tune

It always amazes me how a single song can literally transport you to another place instantly. I have lot count the amount of times I have suddenly found myself lost in memories, memories eclipse the feelings that seemed to be weighing me down. It is often a song that I have not heard for a while or it could be something new, a song that just has that great summertime beat and rhythm filled with has those thoughts of being on the beach with your friends or family, all flooding back into your consciousness. Your mind full of the fragrances, your body tingling with the notion of reliving the experience and an overwhelming feeling of your mood lifting the weight of current burdens away from you.

I have come to realize that I need music in my life, purely because of this aspect. As someone who works in a creative industry it is important that the troubles and strife of daily life are left at the door when you enter the office, something that is easier said than done. I will either have a radio station that plays ambient tunes which block away not only my problems but also the hustle and bustle from other people in the office. If that doesn’t work, I will put my own music on shuffle and just let it randomly select songs for me, so that I can concentrate on work. But, regardless whether you are in a creative field or not, try putting your ipod or music on a random shuffle, see where your music transports you. No matter how good your day is going, you are sure to find one or two memories in a tune somewhere that bring back memories from the past that will fuel you in the future.

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