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Tumbling down the rabbit hole

We all will face a time in our lives where we are afraid of what the future will bring. It seems that suddenly there is no floor beneath us and that sick feeling we get when falling comes from the depths of our stomach. Many things in our life will cause this sensation, many moments we spin lost in confusion trying to stop the world spinning for a moment as only to gain our composure. Were we pushed or did we lead ourselves down the dark and strange path?

Some, for sure, will face this more than others. When faced with such situations I find it incredible how everything in our minds transforms into a micro world crumbling in slow motion as we question every decision and every second trying to grasp where things went wrong. The longer we search the more we tumble and the more time we waste. We continue until we realize that we cannot change the past in any way even if we do understand where we or someone else made the decisive choice that affected our world. We will all fall, some will fall longer than others, some will never stop falling as such is their struggle with their fate.

But most will soon realize that what is done is done, regret will not return the world the way it was and we suddenly feel a sense of traction beneath our feet. The world, once again, materializes in front of us and we continue on our journey stronger in mind with the choices and decisions we must now take with us to create our world, our life, a better life. Have a creative day.

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