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Twitter is the internet on crack!

The internet has been most of the most technological pivotal moments in our history. From the very first moment that Tim Berners-Lee laid down his ‘information management’ white paper, which most consider this to be the birth of the world wide web, we have been salivating every day at the constantly growing wealth of information at the touch of a button. The changes and other inventions like DSL, MP3, cell phones and so much more (that list is really endless!) have all added to the access and demand for more. We have become like millions of Oliver Twists with a browser every day saying in unison, “Can we have some more please!”

Then came Myspace and the explosion of the term social media became the hot topic on everyones lips. Facebooks legendary rise to god like status on the internet seems to know no bounds. The recent film ‘Social network’ simply underlining a billion dollar idea. regardless ‘whose’ idea I would just like to say, “bravo! Mark Zuckerburg!” good luck to you! But wait a minute, These and hundreds of others sites like them such as glue, ning, hi5, LinkedIn, XING and the endless list goes on and on!

But then there is Twitter.

Now for anyone who doesn’t understand Twitter imagine searching on google for something you are interested in, say design. Then every single search in that list that comes back is from a person, thousands if not millions of people all with different sites, tips, tricks, lessons, professionals, colleges, companies from every corner of the world! Still not impressed? Ok now imagine if you did have the chance to see the bountiful mix of things coming your way but there is something not quite the way you thought it should be, you can ask, discuss, learn and debate with every single person in the area that you love.

That is why Twitter is so incredible and also why it is growing at a phenomenal rate. Twitter is the internet no longer sat waiting for you to search through the billions of pages. It is coming into your home, knocking the door down and literally transforming your learning process about any kind of subject you can imagine. There is more information about one subject than any single human being can handle, but we do take a huge armful every single day. It is the internet on the strongest, most concentrated delivery system you could imagine. And yes, if you are like me and love to learn new things every day, it is addictive!

See you on Twitter @afirmin

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