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Wake up your inner child, it’s time to wake up!

Remember when you were a child and everything seemed so simple? It was a time when anything was possible, a time when you were asked what you wanted to be, what you want to do and what you would like to experience. You were told try this and experience that. You were told that you should never say you don’t like something until you at least try it once. But then suddenly we are told you cannot do this or that, you have to be realistic and accept where you are or what you are capable of, and no you should try everything! So where did this part of life change?

The truth is as human beings we are bound to be full of insecurity and complexity when we are shown a door full of beauty and light as a child, where our imaginations run wild with anticipation. Only to have the door slammed shut on our fingers when we get to the age we might actually start enjoying all the experiences. So I say hold on to that child inside you and never let them go.

It is the child inside you that motivates your dreams, puts a smile on your face and keeps you searching for something better in your life. The old saying goes, “You are as old as you feel.” Well sometimes I feel like and old man and quite frankly during those times I notice how quickly things around me deteriorate. So I have vowed to hang on to that child I was, because quite frankly I like the person he was and I know for sure that he would never stop trying to achieve and never accept that there are impossibilities in this world. Wake up your inner child, it’s time to really grow up!

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