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We make mountains out of our problems

They often say that great things come from diversity. They often say that it is when we are challenged the most greatness will surface. If we look through history we can see there is definitely merit to what is said. Great people like Dr Martin Luther King gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech at the height of the troubles due to segregation and racism. He also followed this wonderful speech by saying that one day we will reach the promised land, I may not be with you but we will reach it one day. Ghandi brought down one of the greatest empires to have graced the planet with his civil disobedience ideals when all around him were baying for blood. I could go on very easily talking about great people who in the face of unimaginable strife were able to think, act and realize amazing things in their lifetime.

So you have to ask yourself about the troubles you claim are hindering you in your life and why, like many people before, you cannot overcome them? All of the great people in our history have not walked golden paths or been born into wealth enabling them to have incredible opportunities. In fact most have had to pull themselves through circumstances that we would find hard to even imagine, let alone live through.

So I ask myself, and you today, are the problems in front of you really as big as you make them out to be? Surely anything is possible if you put your mind to it and stop making excuses for not being able to do what you want. Surely the greatest sin of all is to live a life where you didn’t even try. Try everything you want, try everything that you dream, for without trying you fail to honor the gifts you have been given in this world. Have courage and take a leap of faith into the unknown, what is the worst that can happen? Have a creative day.

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