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What looks like the end could in fact be a brighter beginning

Have you ever had a moment in life when everything seemed to come crashing down? I know I have, on more than one occasion in fact. It is important to remember a single thought; maybe not achieving it was what was supposed to happen.

As tough and often devastating seeing a dream, a goal or a great deal of work simple fade away we often close our eyes and feel sorry for ourselves. We punish ourselves, blame those around us or complain that life is not fair. In reality you only have to look around this world to see what real injustice or an unfair world really looks like.

If you have your health, your friends and family close you, as I am grateful to say I do, then you have everything in this world you need to be happy. If you are happy about this you will be surprised that the universe has a way of bringing other opportunities into your path. The key is having your eyes open to see them.

Just because a life moment has not materialized in the manner you believed it should have doesn’t necessarily mean that that this is the end. Instead of a dead end try to see this moment as a curve in the road, taking you in a slightly different direction. This way you do not grind to a halt in life, but rather gain momentum as experience adds fuel to your passion.

Every experience provides valuable lessons that allow you to move forward if you allow yourself to do so. Each dark moment is followed by opportunity to reshape your world, to pick yourself up and create a life that you want. The tools needed to do so are often found within those dark times in our lives allowing you to grow and move forward. We all have them, but it is those that look forward are the ones who become stronger.

Like mist clearing on a frosty morning we must always keep our eyes open in those darkest moments, even if it is to look through tears, because what often lies ahead are greater opportunities to be happy.

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