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What was going on inside your head?

Occasionally you come across someones work and what draws you in is not the finished product but rather what was going on inside their mind at the time. It is usually one or two pieces that spark this reaction with me but with a young Illustrator from Italy called Lucia Carriero, or Nonnetta as she likes to be called, you stop and wonder if there are deeper issues coming to the surface. But art often expresses fear or sadness even if an artist is happy, it’s just the way we’re built.

I personally used to draw skulls and faces that were like monsters although I have never been a fan of the horror genre. It was just something that excited me to draw and that is what I believe is going on with Lucia.

So enjoy the whimsical creations by this wonderful young talent. I am sure you will be seeing them again in a bookstore or advertising campaign soon.

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