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When creatives collaborate, you get DepthCORE results

Usually when a group of creatives come together you get a strange mix of styes and imagination that somehow doesn’t quite gel and you know its just a group using a platform to optimize their work, which is fine and the more of those the better I say. But sometimes a group comes together and everything just seems to fit. Each artist building off others styles and techniques constantly pushing each other to raise the bar that bit more for the collective good of the brand name they have garnered so much attention over time. DepthCORE is a walk into the minds of a very talented group who create simple and emotionally charged images all the way up to high powered graphic masterpieces tat have you first wondering what you are looking at and then how the hell did they DO that? Take a look at some of their work below.

#GraphicDesign #collective #DepthCORE #Photomanipulation #Art #artists

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