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When others know you better than you do

I have added a portrait of Penelope Cruz today because I recently watched the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” I had not heard of the film to be honest and my wife persuaded me to watch. I was not particularly interested until Penelope Cruz came into the film and quite literally stole the show. Her performance was quite breathtaking. She had me laughing out loud with her performance of a love sick ex lover of an artist played by Javier Bardem.

Now Javier Bardem is quite a hero of mine, I think he is a wonderful actor with an incredible screen presence but his performance with Penelope Cruz in this film is just poetic. The rhythm and chemistry of the performance is captivating. I love it when a film surprises you and this one certainly did that. My wife told me I would like it before I started watching, I guess by know I should know that she knows me better than I know myself! Have a creative day.

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