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When will we put our differences aside

With the news filled with violence and turmoil across the Middle East, Social media and technology in general is at the forefront of the stories. In Egypt, where over 26 have lost their ives, the internet and telecommunications were literally halted to try and stem the information and organization of the protesters. For me it will be interesting how much closing these avenues of communication will curtail the protests. In a country where almost 50% of people live well below the poverty line things have come to a head, which to most in the region the only surprise is that it has taken so long to happen. So now in the Middle East apart from the staple problem of Palastine and Israel, we have the ongoing saga of Iraq, Afghanistan already trying to stabilize.

We have Iran and Syria which already have global question marks on them and their intentions we now see trouble in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen it makes you wonder when will we as a race ever learn to get along? I am not saying I believe in aliens but if I were one coming to see this planet I think I would do everything in my power to make sure we never left this rock. Until of course we can truly put our differences, prejudices and especially our greed to one side. I pray tonight for the people who lost there lives needlessly, their friends and family and for our very existence in this universe, maybe one day we might, just might learn that there are bigger issues that we should be focused on. Stay safe today everyone.

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