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When you are not involved, don’t complain!

When my life recently decided that she wanted to buy a dog, I have to say I was less than enthusiastic about the idea. With the busy lives we lead and the traveling that both of us do now I couldn’t see the logic behind it. But like most things my wife managed to convince me it was a good idea, maybe she is the one who should be working in advertising! We had discussed it a few times and I kept putting off the idea as much as I could. The a few weekends ago we, my wife and 2 children, were all out having lunch when my wife noticed a pet store next to the car park we were in.

Reluctantly, I followed them all into the store. I was talking with my son next to the cats when suddenly I noticed my wife holding a small dog. They seemed to hit it off immediately and I could see that my point of view on the entire idea had pretty much just strolled out the front door! My son walked over and just said the following words,”She’s your precious mummy.” And that was how the dog became named Precious. So our family had been joined by a black and white french bulldog. Now as French Bulldogs go she is not a bad looking dog but due to the name, the face on the dog and my more than reluctant nature to the entire idea I decided I would give her my own name. I also couldn’t really imagine walking around the streets shouting out Precious as that didn’t sit very well with my masculine side! So my name, for Precious the French Bulldog, is ‘Gollum.’ After the lord of the rings character.

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