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Why do I share all the pictures? well they are for me and to inspire

Someone asked me the other day why I created the blog. The answer is simple, I did it for me. You see, many people in a creative industry looks for inspiration around the world. Many great Advertising people like David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Fairfax Cone all talk about having a box of things, lines, pictures or whatever that has caught their attention on a certain day. The box sits somewhere in a bottom drawer continuously being added to over the years. It’s the go to box of inspiration when you are stumped on a particular job.

This is not about copying or Plagiarism as the items are not used in the same way or may not be used at all as they just free up that little box in our minds enough to allow a new idea to be created. I’ve had a box like this and lost it. I’ve had folders on my hard drive and the computer crashed, twice! So I decided to put everything online so that, a) I won’t lose it unless the internet is misplaced somewhere, which I am presuming is unlikely and b) So that I could share what inspires me with other people. Have a creative day.

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