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Why the best are the best

A new day, a new set of challenges. Over the years one the things I find most interesting is the habits of good creative people. I see many kinds of creatives in my line of work and some breeze in when they feel like it, have a coffee, read the paper and before you know it half the day is done. Great if you are a David Ogilvy but lets face it there are few of those around. The best creatives I have worked in many different countries is the work ethic of always working, and working hard.

I was once on a creative rumble for FCB, which is where creative directors from many countries are pulled into one office to work together on one specific pitch. It was in Singapore and we had been slaving away all day on this particular brief. In the evening we went out for a drink together to relax and it was there that I really saw true passion for the business that has stayed with me throughout my career. (Actually my father would never have allowed me to be any different anyway as I have always hard a good work ethic as I love what I do) As we were drinking and playing pool I noticed the two guys from Chile doodling and chatting feverishly in the corner. They got up and said their goodbyes before pre-ceeding out the door and back to their hotel. In the morning they put on a presentation to the rest of us that had us in awe and fits of laughter with an incredible set of ideas.

These were two of the best creatives in South America. Not juniors or pretenders, and now you know why. Have a ‘productive and creative day.

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