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Write chapters to help others

Blaze a trail of hope and glory, Live out your dreams; create your story, Fuel your passionate desires, Light that inner most; burning fire, For the path ahead is yours to pave, Where ambitions wait that you do crave, Help others whilst you lay each stone, Cement the friendships; don’t go alone, For each and every friendship brings, Heartfelt help; that gives you wings, To soar amongst the angels keep, Sat on your shoulder when you weep, A life of triumph for you awaits, Stop holding back fear makes you late, For you were born to live a life, With both happiness; tinged with strife, Each is balanced to make you strong, Each designed as the road is long, And every step forward you make, Worth every effort that it takes, As every chapter that you write, Will help others; like a beacons light.

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