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You are never too old to start something new

I had a discussion with someone recently, where I have to say I whole heartedly disagreed with them. I love to see different peoples opinion and learn about what makes people tick. The discussion surrounded the idea of ‘It’s never too late to learn something new.’ I personally still harbor many ambitions of things I want to learn, places I want to visit and experiences that I would like to try. This other person, who is actually younger than me, believes that they are now too old to learn anything new.

I can put my mind into many situations and scenarios, as this is part of my job in advertising, but to think that where I am now I have learnt all I am able to learn makes me shudder with fright, and worse makes me ponder if I did believe this why would I continue and what would be my motivation? For me the chance to still do, learn and experience new things is what gets me out of bed in the morning as an individual. Of course there is part of me that soldiers on daily due to the responsibilities I have but that alone cannot sustain a person, surely? I would love to hear your thoughts on this today…Have a creative day.

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