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You are the only obstacle in front of you

There is only one thing that lies between you and your dreams; and that is you. For every excuse that we put up about we do not have this or that, I can’t do anything about it or I it’s just not happening are words we create to make us feel better about a certain situation. It is no secret that the world is facing one of the hardest financial situations, possibly, of our lifetime. It is extremely difficult to achieve the things we want, but we are the biggest of the obstacles that lie in our path.

Whatever is in front of you as a problem today it is due to things you have built in front of you. I know, because I do the same! I have spent most of my life using certain things in my past to excuse me doing things in my future, or why that didn’t happen. When I finally face the truth, it hurts because I realize what I could have achieved, had I just done what I was capable of at that time.

But they say that a form of madness is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So the excuses need to stop, the blaming the world for what is wrong in my life needs to stop, and the time has come, no matter how late, to live every moment to it’s maximum, in order to really achieve the goals and dreams I have needs, and it begins today.


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