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You can’t win every battle, Sometimes you learn when you don’t

We all like to succeed, we all like to win at anything we do and no one likes defeat. The irony of this though is that we often learn more when we lose or fail, than when we win. I personally have failed in having my business, more than once! But each time I learned more about myself than all the successes I have had in my life. I feel fortunate that each failure didn’t cost me everything, although the last one came very close. But that experience was possibly the tipping point in me realizing the most important factor about myself. I will never give up.

When things go wrong a sense of fog or haze seems to descend around you, as though you are in a street on a foggy night unsure of which direction to go. The most important, yet most difficult, part of this experience is staying calm and knowing that it will not last if I start to make the right decisions to get me out. It is easier said than done, I can vouch for that! Your confidence at an all time low, fear of losing everything and that horrible gut wrenching feeling that you have let those around you down is truly terrifying.

But you must never give up on you, because only you can see the new opportunities ahead, only you can learn from your mistakes and only you will once again walk on the sunny path of success. The funny thing is you will look back into the fog from afar, see the person you were and know how far you have come and what a great feeling that can be. Good luck, stay strong.

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