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You do not need to like something in order to appreciate it

This is something I truly believe. Sometimes we look at a piece of art and we don’t understand the concept, the mix of colour or shape or what the artist is trying to say, but you still appreciate that someone has taken time and given their heart and soul into creating something. We always have to take a step back after our initial impulsive reaction and think a little longer about what is in front of us.

The world moves pretty quickly around us and it shows no sign of slowing down, on the contrary every day our desire for things only seems to increase. So try today to just stop, let the world pass you by and just look, listen and feel whatever is in front of you. It could be a photograph, a painting or even another human being. Whatever it is I believe it deserves the few extra seconds it takes in our day to really look deeper into what and why something has come into our path. Have a creative day.

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