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You know more than you think you do

Ever started, or joined, a conversation where initially the topic being discussed seemed distant or you felt your knowledge of it was not very extensive? Then once you hear a couple of comments or statements a rush of information comes flowing to the forefront of your consciousness and suddenly your mind is alive with knowledge about this subject. Our minds are a fascinating memory bank that stores all kinds of information, sometimes whether we want to or not.

For me the mind works like similar to google. A key word or subject is mentioned and suddenly every part of your brain is alive searching for anything we know about it. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it seems to happen late at night long after the discussion has finished and you sit there pondering why didn’t you think of that at the time.

Considering that we only use between 5% – 10% of our brains, maybe the 90% is just storage or our own personal little hard drive. If that is the case then maybe spring cleaning will have a new meaning in the future and give you a chance to remember all the things you know about our world, and yourself. Have a creative day.

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