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You will not stay lost forever

If I lose my way around the next corner, it will not be a disaster as I have previously thought. No, in fact it will be the greatest thing that can happen to me, as experience has shown me through the years.

We walk along a path we know, seeing all the same old things and sharing the same conversations, some call it a rut but for me it is just a normal passage of life that has us so focused on our responsibilities that we have an in built auto pilot that kicks in to keep moving us forward.

So get lost, literally lose yourself in this world. When we are lost, or to be more precise in different situations to our normal routine, we really discover who we are, we come alive with every synapse firing at incredible speeds. Don’t worry you will not stay lost forever, as everything in our life is about balance and cycles.

But the person you were before losing your way will be only a distant memory, for the one who emerges will have their eyes wider, heart filled and spirit charged with all the expectancy that life can take away when we do not take a leap into the unknown.

It may be dark now. But once you arrive, you will light up the world like a shooting star.

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